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DLOC Biosystems

Developing the world's most advanced organ-on-chip technology that will make drug development faster, cheaper and safer.

Drug Development is Inefficient 


12 yrs



1 approved drug

90% candidate drugs FAIL


Drugs are administered to humans. 

But our current models are: 

2D cell culture: 
Advantages:  simple & cost effective
Disadvantages: lack on essential features to closely mimic the complex, 3D cellular environment in vivo

Animal models
Advantages:  have the complexity of the 3D cellular environment
Disadvantages: are not human so have a limited ability to mimic human conditions, have an ethical burden and are expensive

DLOC developed a 3D ductal organ on chip device which allows for culturing of human cells whilst preserving the 3D structure of the desired tissue as well as its microenvironment. Furthermore, we also developed a system to connect multiple "organs" together to mimic a human-on-chip.

We also have an automation system which is able to control and monitor tissue growth automatically to ensure reproducibility, reliability of results as well as real time data.


In December 2022 with FDA Modernization Act 2.0 the use of organ-on-chip technology  as certain alternatives to animal testing has been approved  to obtain an exemption from the Food and Drug Administration to investigate the safety and effectiveness of a drug.

This means that you can test your drugs in our platform for FDA approval. 

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Our Solution

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