DLOC Biosystems

The world's best organ-on-chip device.
Mimicking the in vivo microenvironment

of human tissue to reduce drug discovery costs.

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About us

DLOC is a biotech startup developing an innovative technology that has the potential to make drug discovery 50% safer and 40% faster and cheaper. The startup is achieving this aim by creating a patented organ-on-chip device that resembles the microenvironment of human tissue, where drugs can be tested safely and cheaply.

DLOC was originally born at the research labs of the American University of Beirut and has won many awards, including Stars-of-Science season 12, the Arab Entrepreneurship Rally 2019, MIT Enterprise forum 2019, LIRA forum 2017, and the Darwazah Entrepreneurship contest 2018.

Our vision is to create the easiest-to-use and most accurate organ on a chip device for in vitro testing. We will achieve this by creating the ductal organoid in the lab, knowing that ductal organoids are found in most of the human organs, such as the breast, prostate, pancreas, kidney, liver, and vasculature, and which is the smallest part of the organs responsible of the functionality of most of those organs.

Our mission will be executed by creating the exact ductal tissue structure and spatial assembly of the different tissue types and extracellular matrix components constituting the healthy or diseased organoids. This allows for creating an accurate replica of the in-vivo cell and tissue interaction within its micro-environment.


Our Innovative Technology

The Possibilities Are Endless

At DLOC Biosystems, we excelled in creating the "Ductal Organoid on Chip" device that allows for the self-assembly of full 3D ductal systems in few, fast and easy steps. Our device is a thin transparent microfluidic plastic chip where cylindrical epithelial and/or endothelial tissues that could be surrounded with stromal tissues of any properties and constituents. Ductal organoids from the liver, kidneys, lungs, breast, pancreas, prostate and others could be grown and tested on the chip.


"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less"

Marie Curie