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Our Story

DLOC Biosystems spun off from the mechanical engineering department at the American University of Beirut (AUB). The journey started with a research project that aimed to study breast cancer metastasis in mammary ducts. The research gave birth to new methods and tools in tissue culture that provided the seeds from which DLOC's technology evolved. In its early days, the startup was incubated at the AUB Darwazah Center. DLOC then went on to secure funding by winning multiple local and international entrepreneurship competitions, including the Stars of Science innovation contest. With this funding, DLOC significantly improved, tested, validated, and patented its technology. At the current time, DLOC has a team of 21 people working on innovating new technologies, acquiring new customers & collaborations, and securing new funding to pursue our mission.

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Our Mission & Vision

Vision: to create the best invitro biomimetic platform that enables safer, more precise, and more personalized medicine.

Mission: to create the easiest-to-use and most mimetic organ on a chip device for in-vitro testing. The arrangement of cells within a tissue is organized to enable its specific function. We will achieve this by developing innovative technology, that allows for growing tissue with the exact tissue structure and spatial assembly of the different tissue types and extracellular matrix components. This allows for creating an accurate replica of the invivo cell and tissue interaction within its micro-environment.

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Awards & Achievements

  • Stars-of-science 1st-prize - Qatar foundation

  • Arab Entrepreneurship Rally 1st prize - Bahrain Chamber of Commerce

  • Grant award - Kuwait Chamber of Commerce

  • LIRA Forum 1st-prize - Lebanese Ministry of Industry

  • MIT Enterprise Forum 3rd prize

  • Darwazah Student Entrepreneurship contest 1st prize - AUB Darwazah Center

About: About Us
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